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  • Hai hello friend, welcome to my channel AJITH TECH OFFICIAL, im your AJITH. Today we are going to see how to make the different lyrics video whatsapp video status which is shown in displayed.


  • Lets go into the video. Before if you not subscribed to our channel, subscribe it and press the “bell” button it will show notifications regarding to my channel.
  • In this video I’m going to tell to create this video in “ALIGN MOTION” app.
  • If you don’t have align motion app, don’t feel for it. I had put the link in description box.
  • You can download it. Now im opened align motion, the interface will be like this.
  • So we are going to press the “+” symbol below, to make the project.
  • You can see the project name as ‘new project 4’. Now I’m selecting it and erase it and going to paste the title which I already copied the first line of the song.
  • Now you can see the ratio of the project first 16:9, then 9:16,1:1,4:3 is can customize it also. Now I’m gonna to edit in 1:1 ratio.
  • I am selected it and pressed “create”. Then there will be “+” symbol. Press it, it will l show a interface like this.
  • Select the media and choose view all photos and videos. Im going to take the image of wall which I downloaded in the pinterest app.
  • If you want the images like this , you also can download it. The link of the ”image” and “pinterest app” is in description box.
  • It is also available in playstore selected the image and I pressed “+” symbol.
  • The image is added. See the 4th option “move and trasnfer ” press it and go to 3th option. Scroll to the right side, the image will be zoom.
  • We can expand the image. Now im going to select it and expand the image upto 30 seconds you can extent it upto your song level.
  • Now im again click the “+” symbol and choosed media to import another image. This image link also in description box. This is the image.
  • I’m added it. Move the image to the corner of the wall. Select “move and transfer” option move the image to the corner of the wall.
  • Im selected the image and extented it. select the 3rd option “blending & opacity”. There is option like darken the image will be like this. The option like lighten, the image will be like this. Its not im going to click color and it last 4th option the image will be like this.
  • Now you can see the image is like drawer on the wall and its suited well. Yet, we don’t add the song. I’m selecting the “+” button and go to the 2nd option “TEXT”. I’m downloded the lyrics from net.
  • Im copying the first line of the song. then you can the option “ENTER THE TEXT HERE”. Select it and long pressed it and paste it. above you can see the first option “ROBOTO REGULAR”.
  • press it you can see the options and selecting the “VIEW ALL FONTS” option. Im showing you the fonts which I had. You can also import the fonts you want by pressing the “THREE DOTS” at side. I’m selected the font. Now changing the 18pt to 20pt.
  • Next im going to change the color as “WHITE”. now im selecting the last to words and deleted it and changing o as capital.Im extend the lyrics to the time which you had selected. Now press “move and transfer”option.
  • Move it to the that place. Press the 3rd option and scroll it to the right it will zoom. I’m satisfied with this point. You can also set it to 700pt.
  • Now select it and press the “three dot” option on the upper right corner.
  • Duplicate the layer. Go back to the option “MOVE AND TRANSFER” move the lyrics below the upper lyrics and it will also it same size. Extend it to the song time. See now im playing it. yet, we don’t add the song. so press the “+” symbol, go to the media there will be option like “view all audio” option.
  • Im said in last video how to change the audio from video. Im a random song to show you how to fix it. im deleted it im going to edit this video without the song first. Im dragging the second line to the time where the first line ends. Play the video and cut it at the end of the line. Im we are going to add the second line.
  • Select the second line and copied it from the text. Click the edit text and remove it paste the copied part. Change the first letters as capital. Now im playing the video. The lyrics cut at the half so im cutter it and im going to add the second line by copying it. im selecting the first line and select edit it and now im removing the lyrics and long pressed it. paste the lyrics which I was copied.
  • Again im changing the first letter as capital. As i said first, In this font change the first letter as capital , so the lyrics will be amazing. Im cutting the last two words and pressed ok. Now im playing it. you can see vinnai thodalam unathan siragu.
  • So you can edit the text by editing it and copying the second last words. Likewise, yo can edit the whole text of the song. im selecting the first line of the lyrics and click effects. There you can see many effects which is separated. Now we are going to use”OPACITY & VISIBILITY” and select the 2nd option.
  • You can the adjustment appear on the display. Select amount on the option. Scroll right to the end. Now you can play the video.
  • Stop the effect in between or centre of the lyrics. The effect is not like coming from the wall so im giving the second option and drag it to the first level.
  • Now you can see the lyrics is coming from the wall and it was super. Im going to give the effects too all of the video so im giving add effects to the next lyrics and press the “THREE DOTS” and copy the effects. Likewise you add and paste the effects to the lyrics. Now the lyrics is appeared is good.
  • Now going to pree the “+” symbol and go to the media and click view photos and all albums. Im adding the black screen because the starting in the video has old effect.
  • For that im added the black screen. Now press the move and transfer option and go to the third option scroll it to the maximum. Go to the blending option and select lighten and screen option. Now im playing it you can see the effects and lyrics will is good to see.
  • So next I going to press”+” symbol and go to the media. Im going to add the fence image like this.
  • Go to the move and transfer option and scroll to the right almost to the end.Adjust and zoom it to the level which you need.while clicking the first option you can adjust the fence to its right stage.
  • The lyrics can play like it come from the wall. Now drag the fence to first. Add effects and go to the blur and add motion blur.
  • Again press the “+” and go to the media and click view photos and all album.Im edited my logo in pics art. I’m importing my logo by pressing add symbol and extended it. again im pressing move and transfer option and go to the third option and scroll to the left side to change the size of the logo.
  • Selecting the first option and moving the logo to the upper corner. You can see the effects and lyrics while playing it. if you done the video you can see the share icon near the setting icon.



  • You can give export and it exported. If you like this video, like it and give comment about the feedback and let me know who are all watch it till the end.Bye friends have a nice day. Meet you at next video.


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