• Hi hello friends welcome to our channel. you are watching Ajith tech official. I am your Ajith. today in our channel we are going to see about how to make a different and trending lyric WhatsApp status for Instagram as you viewed in the display then don’t skip the video watch up to the end then only you can get a clear idea about this.


  • Come let’s we move onto the video before going in to the video if you are a new viewer of our channel subscribe our channel and click the bell icon then only you will receive new updates from our channel.



  • The first step is to select a lyrics of a song for editing, to create like this WhatsApp status we need to select some melody songs you can select it from Google or else Google Chrome.


  • I select lyrics of a melody song from Google Chrome. I already chosen lyrics for editing .I copied in my clipboard.


  • Now I am opening Pixel lab application if you don’t have this application the link is given in the description if you want you can download it now.


  • If you have normal version you can download latest version of this application what I am using is given down if you want you can download it through link given in description.


  • Now the interface will be like this application will ask some option ,give cancel then give delete to delete the new text.


  • Now select layer option which is forth then select colour option scroll until you get black colour.


  • At at top left you can see plus (+) icon several options may appear select from gallery option, I have already taken a PNG image, I had given a link in description to download this image if you want this you can downloaded it.


  • Now I imported the image, it is PNG right to get a good look I can turn it as white colour for this I chose third option then if you scroll these options you can see colour option select it.


  • I enabled it you can give colour of your own wish here I give white colour.
  • If we kept this in white colour then only we can edit with double colour some people asked me in Instagram and commented how to create these type of videos but this video is not like that I had created this video in a different way we are not going to use this black screen throughout the video we are going to use all effects in Power director application then give ok.


  • Now the picture is moving let not to move select box icon then move the image and fix it center red lines may appear,then it is the center.


  • Next the image let not to move click on the layer option then click on lock option then the image will not move.


  • Click on plus icon (+), after clicking on it you can see text option select it then double click on it and give clear then already we have taken the lyrics from Chrome so select that lines and give copy by long press and come back to Pixel lab application long press near the cursor and then paste it. If you already selected lyrics from Chrome it is easy to copy and paste in Pixel lab application.
  • Then select the rest two words from text and delete it.


  • Put first letter as capital and give ok. Now click on A symbol then scroll the option, if you want to change colour you can also change the colour now I select font style. In this application there will be default fonts if you want you can add fonts also then you can also see handwriting fonts I had downloaded a font which suits perfectly for this video I had placed the link in description if you want you can download it.


  • Now I zooming the text if you see at this side we can click on it and adjust I make the text according to the image position I had selected a font which suits this image.
  • Now I slightly keeping the image cross.
  • Now placed the text correctly.


  • Then I select the text and selecting copy option which is the third.
  • Then double click on it and delete the text and paste the second word in the first line of the lyrics by long pressing.
  • I put first letter as capital and I select second word and click on cut option.
  • Give ok if you want adjust this, you should also adjust slightly inside the heart image to show how to adjust I am doing this.


  • Now we adjusted then give copy option bring this bottom of the image then double tap on it and delete the text and give long press then paste the word.
  • I am giving the first letter as capital.
  • If you give first letter as capital letter then only the handwriting font it will look good.


  • Now you can also adjust this text size I am adjusting it to small size I am keeping this text between these gap now it looks super.
  • Now we made lyrics of first line then click on save icon then give save as image option and save that imagine ultra and give ok.


  • Like this create the lyrics for 30 seconds of your wish now I am opening Powerdirector application of latest version ,if you don’t have this application I had given the link in description if you want you can download the the latest version of this application.
  • This has blending options and so many e effects also this is the current latest version you can download this from the link given in description.


  • By opening this application the interface will be like this


  • Click on new project option it will ask project name here I give Ajith tech official which is our channel name then I give ok option, if you want you can give name of your own.


  • Now it will ask ratio 16;9 ratio means YouTube size then 9:16 ratio means full screen size and 1:1 ratio means Instagram size.


  • But we always do new video in 1:1 ratio and always upload in1:1 ratio video because I have followers on Instagram and also I upload video in YouTube so I do this video in 1 is to 1 ratio.


  • Select 1:1 ratio then it will appear firstly video and secondly images select images scroll over it open Pixel lab folder it will show images that I edited before I selected one by one by clicking plus(+) icon on the image add images until the video comes to 30 seconds.


  • If we added image in this application it will move like this I don’t want this images to move so I select first image then some options may appear below if you scroll that you can see Pan and Zoom option selected then select no effects option then select apply to all option.


  • Now the video may appear in same translation up to 30 seconds next we are going to add song for this without adding audio how to add song I will show you that how to convert video to song.


  • Select layer option if you select it you can see text option and video is next to it select video option you can see we already I already exported videos.


  • Now I select a video which I created before by selecting plus (+) symbol I had converted this video in 4K quality so it will come like this because it has high MBs the audio will convert like this automatically because of the new feature of Powerdirector application.


  • This latest version application has filters ,blending options etc…, and so many features are there if you didn’t watch the basic video the links given in the description if you want you can watch it after completing this video.


  • Now the video is converted into audio I am playing it will be a video most of us know to convert video into audio in Kine master andAlight motion applications ,now in Powerdirector how to change is select this video comfortablely and drag it down then it will convert automatically as song in percentage.


  • Now it is converted into audio then we are going to add transition how to add transition some of us may not know we say transition is the change of one photo to another photo.


  • You can see a box icon between two images if you click on it you can see many transitions automatically as default before downloading it if you want ,you can use it or else you think as different and creative switch on net but I had already downloaded it ,now click on get more option you can see fifth option as camera moves vol 3 click on it.


  • Now you can see five different transitions you can add of your wish before adding it if you see on top watch icon will be there selected time will be 0.1 or it will be 2 seconds as default if you open it (I had customised it in my mobile) , I am decreasing to 0.5 seconds this is transition-duration then select apply to all and give ok then it will applied to full video 0.5 seconds


  • Now select plus and add transition if you want to see how it works it has option to play if you touch it it will show so how it moves


  • Now I added transitions throughout the video I am coming out and playing see how differently it moves


  • If I select layer option you can see stickers as fourth option select it I had already downloaded many stickers now I select a sticker by clicking on plus icon this sticker I had used in last video that you had seen.
  • I use this sticker throughout this video if you want it you can extend and also you can split it cut and delete it ,this sticker looks different to see this , then switch on the net select layer option you can see some stickers I already downloaded select get more option here you can download some new stickers now select top stickers option now I am scrolling these stickers you can see holiday package 4 click on it if you want you can download and also download holiday package 3 I had already downloaded it since I used it before.



  • Now I add holiday package 3 now I am extending it i have said before we didn’t use any black screen video then I switch off the net it will come as notification.


  • Now I am playing this to show how the particles are moving it will look super after this we need to add colour to it before adding colour we should add our channel watermark for this select layer option image option will be the last select it.


  • PNG images we had created before using Pixel lab will be in this likewise I had also created my channel watermark as PNG image selected.


  • In Powerdirector application we need to add images sound success audio and watermark before now I am placing my watermark about the image like this.


  • Now we are going to create double colour appearance in this video for that select layer option you can see four option first text option then image option select image options I had already downloaded an image from online.


  • Some of us may not know to download these like images so you can search in Google or else Google Chrome and search for gradient image or double colour image you can see and download that images.


  • Now I select this image if you want this image I had given a link in description click on it and download edited this image in last video also now I extending this image and zooming it completely now some options may appear like filter ,blending etc.., options select blending option this is the the highlighted feature in this update.


  • Select blending option then select multiply now I am applying it see how it is then I delete the song because of some copyright issues.


  • Now I am playing see how it is the second line of the song starts from here so select split option where the first line ends and delete it like wise do throughout the video then it will look different now you can see how the transition works between these images.


  • While playing these transitions and particles looks nice, like this different and a creative video you can edit.




  • Surely I think you all will like this video if you like this video put like and comment feedback about this video those who watched entire video comment full view without forgetting then share this to your friends so that they may also know how to create this like video they may get and easy idea about it and some of them asked in Instagram how to create double colour video and how we came create like this video was commented by some ,this photo can be created by us and we can also edit.


  • For this photo we should edit not only this song we can also edit for other melody and love songs will suit for this image and it will be for this image and create different videos


  • Bye friends we will meet in next video bye have a nice day meet you in next video tata bye-bye.



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