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  • Hi hello friends welcome back to Ajith tech official I am your Ajith today the content we are going to see is how to create videos which are recently trending and viral on Instagram easily and simple so don’t skip the video watch till the end then only you can understand my tips and tricks easily, so don’t skip the video.


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  • First step for creating this type of lyric video I had taken lyrics from website if you you don’t know to take lyrics from online just search the name of the song here I selected an album song if you want lyric in Tamil search it and add in Tamil along with it’s name or the rest in English here I selected the lyrics in English then I am coming out.

  • Open Pixellab application if you want latest version of this application the link is given in the description click and download it.

  • The interface will be like this first give cancel then you can see new text option on the screen so we don’t want to change anything and we are needed to change the Background so now select 4th option in the colour option you can see both, Colour and Gradient option in this Gradient means it will appear as Double colour so now we are not going to edit in gradient so I am choosing colour in this option we can see colours like white, pink and so on.

  • I select black colour and giving ok.

  • Next step is we are going to do is we had already taken lyrics from online so I am copying the first line if you’re taking lyrics from online you will not make any mistake while typing lyrics.

  • Coming back to Pixel lab application, double click on new text option then remove the new text then long press on the cursor select Paste option then I am giving space if you want font which I’m going to use in this video is given as a link in description if I give space first then this Handwriting font will look stunning and better.

  • After leaving space select the second word and cut it because we are going to do this video as one after the other lyric then put first letter in Uppercase such as in capital, so for this font it will be good what now we had written as text .

  • Next step we are going to do is changing the font style in Pixel lab application we have too many options in that click on A option then scroll right to left, so you could see many options like Colour, Text type ,Opacity, Mask,next to it you can see Ab symbol click on it.

  • For the first font given will be Default in this application I am I’m not gonna to select any font style from this option, so I select My font option here I select the fonts which I have added to this application.

  • If you don’t know that you are new to our channel and how to add font in Pixel lab application you can see a File manager symbol with (+) overlying on it, just click that and select the fonts which we had downloaded as Zip and extracted in ttf format and saved that fonts in a folder I am selecting the folder in which I saved my fonts and click on Add to dictionary option ,now the font which I downloaded before will be added ,and this is what a simple method to add fonts.

  • Next what we are going to do is select a Font by touching it then give Ok.If you see now in Handwriting font A is looking good but U comparatively small so I said before that we should leave space before and after between these words now give Ok.

  • Now it looks super and we should align , you may not know how to align this text so now you can see a box icon on the top click that you see in down a Magnet symbol is present click on it.Now move the text you could see see it shows centre position , for the first align text at centre then if you want to increase the size you can increase or decrease, and now I am placing the text at centre then moving it next step we are going to see is now I am closing the box icon by clicking it because I don’t need it now.

  • Now we aligned it, the next step is touch plus (+) symbol on the top left after gets over, the text we already taken from the second part of the lyrics, place it now by a long press and select Paste option, then leave space before and after the words and put the first letter in Uppercase (capital) which I said before then give Ok.

  • Next we are going to select Font style after Mask option you can see Font option select it and add add font which I had said and the fonts which I’m using is given as a link in description if you want you can download it.


  • Now I am selecting this font giving Ok, then I am zooming it and placing it down to the first line now it looks amazing, look clearly I’m zooming it and placing down now these two fonts look beautiful.

  • Next I gonna to add Flower effect and Heart effect to this and we are not needed to download any PNG images an another way is click on plus icon then give text option it will appear as new text double tap on it then remove those words . Then I am leaving space and putting uppercase A and again leaving space and giving Ok.

  • Now scroll down the options and select Font option then I’m selecting My fonts option again and I am using four fonts in this video then I had given them as link in description click and download it .

  • Now I am selecting this font which I had downloaded , now it had come and I am zooming it,in this a two dots had come if you want to change it double tap on it instead of uppercase A put uppercase B and leave space it was came as a single font , then double tap on it and instead of uppercase letter B put uppercase letter C.

  • Like this different fonts will come if we put uppercase letters like C and D so on we will get different fonts.Now I am keeping the Uppercase letter as E and I ‘m zooming it,and moving towards this side you can see symbol for rotating I am rotating and placing here like this.

  • Next for flower effects click on plus (+) icon and select Text option it shows like New text just double tap on it then remove it and leave space and put uppercase letter A and give Ok . Then select Font option the fonts and materials which I had used in this video is given as link in description if you want click and download it.

  • Going into My fonts option, I downloaded this font click on’ it, then give Ok it will look confusing because a Leaf had come instead of a Flower so double tap on it instead of Uppercase letter A put I am changing it as letter F in uppercase and I’m leaving space now a flower image had come if you want many images put alternative letters from A to Z in Uppercase( capital ).

  • Once and again I am adjusting this font by moving that font slightly and I am placing it on it.

  • Now we had kept and we just slightly then aligning it now by keeping it centre and it looks perfect and we had completed almost half of the part.

  • Then next step we need to add Heart font, for it select that font and give Copy option then double tap on it and remove letter E and put F in uppercase, now we get three hearts likewise I am selecting it and copying and changing this font alternatively by changing letters in Uppercase and placing it in a suited place.

  • Now this text got over the next step we are going to do is in the top bar you can see Save icon click on’ it and select Save as image ,in Default select Ultra and select Save to gallery option . If you saved an image in Ultra then you will get in an amazing quality so we saved this image in ultra and next what we are going to do is select second line of the song and Copy it.

  • Then come back to Pixel lab application now tap the text which we edited before and remove it by clearing, then long press on the cursor and Paste the first line,after pasting this line I am cutting the second part of the lyrics because we need to keep that after the first line so what I had cut down it.

  • Put first letter in Uppercase and rest in Lower case letters then it will look good and adjust it.

  • Now select the below Text and double tap on it, then remove the text and by long pressing Paste the second part of the lyrics and put the first letter in Uppercase then only this Handwriting font will look amazing.

  • Now we don’t wanna to edit any thing just we need to adjust the heart slightly now these text look super.Now Save the text by selecting Save as image and in Default option select Ultra option and select Save image in gallery.

  • Now we should make these texts for 30 seconds by making song lyrics like this by editing them in Pixel lab application.

  • Now I am coming out from that application and opening Kinemaster application if you don’t have currently version Uninstall that and you can download current version link is given description downloaded it by a click on it.

  • The interface will be like this when we Open this application and select 1 is to 1 ratio (1:1) .

  • After selecting click on media option then I am adding the Images we created in PixelLab application one by one. In this video we created only 2 images and I had created another image also before so I add that to this to explain how to add transitions to it.Now we had added three images and you can added images for 30 seconds right, so the next step we are going to see here is we can see Audio icon click that and select an Audio by touching plus symbol (+) .

  • Now I imported this audio in project and next what we are going to do is select the first image we imported ,then after Cut icon you can see Pan and Zoom icon at centre click it and in this we have two options one is Start position and another one is End position.

  • In Start position I am zooming this picture and in End position I am resizing this picture in small size because just have a view .

  • Now I am coming out right from it and see how it works that this text goes down like this and it looks super so apply for all images,

  • Then select the next image and select Pan and Zoom option and in Start position Zoom it slightly and keep, now in End position resize the image in small don’t resize the image too small just keep like Zoom out . Now it looks super that the lyrics goes inside from out so align it like this.Now what you should do is align all the images for 30 seconds.

  • And we are going to see how to apply transitions between two images you can see plus symbol in a box icon click that and you could see many transitions effects these are the transitions which I downloaded before if you had not yet downloaded you have only 3D , classic transition,fun transition alone will be there ,so switch on your mobile data and select Get more option it will take you to Kine Master assets store and after going in you can download it.

  • Now transitions we are going to use is select Retranspection transition option then select third option like this between two images add transitions one by one ,now you can understand easily I think so, now as third I am adding the same , after adding it now I am playing it by muting sound because of some copyright issues .

  • Now I am playing it lyrics in Zooming effects looks so amazing ,so like this do for 30seconds video and add transitions.After adding transitions the next we are going to do is select Layer option ,in that select Media option ,in this I had added a black screen effect such as snow effect is given in description you can download it .

  • After downloading Zooming it throughout the screen after Cut icon you can see Split screen option select in that select second option, then scroll down and now it will become fit to the screen after it scroll down the options now you can see Blending option in this,then select Screen option.

  • Now this Snow effect video and transitions looks nice and nextstep we are going to do is select Layer option then Media option in that select Pixel lab , I had created watermark ok of my page in Instagram now I am importing it and after I am keeping it upon and while creating video itself add your watermark then only while blending it will look good and so now we added watermark.

  • Then select Layer option and Media option and again I am importing my YouTube channel’s watermark, you may upload this video in Instagram as well as in YouTube channel so add watermark.

  • Now I am adding,and placing the water Mark down .Now the next step we are going to do is select Layer option and Media option in this you could add any video or image which we downloaded, so here I import a simple image in yellow colour,after adding we are going to Blend.

  • Now I am extending this image to fit in the screen, then select Blending option in this select Multiply option now yellow colour is added to the text and I had said before to add watermark because it might also appear in yellow colour so I had added before.


  • Guys do like this edit and comment as full view and use songs which are trending so you will get more views and this type video is uploaded by our channel for the first time,

  • If you want to change colour select the yellow image and delete it like this and select Layer option and Media option, and here I select an image which I downloaded from Pinterest and so I am importing this image and Zooming it throughout the screen slightly it appears as sky blue colour, now in adjustment option select Blending option and now it looks best . Now I am playing it have an overview and say how it looks.

  • The applied transitions and this sky-blue colour look amazing.

  • Now I am adding another colour,so I delete this colour now select Layer option and Media option I had downloaded many images in Pinterest in different colours and varieties, so I am adding an image from this it looks like double colour such as a Gradient now I am Zooming this and selecting Split screen option then select Blending option, in this I select Multiply option this purple colour looks beautiful so according to your willing you can add any colour definitely I Believe that you all will like this video.



  • If you you love this video put a like and without forgetting share your friends so that may also know how to create like this video and they may get an easy idea and the all fonts and images and video clips which I had used in this video all materials is given as link in description, if you want you can download it by clicking on it.


  • After completing full editing select share option in this we can export this project video up to 2k quality but I kept in 1080p and keeping the Frame rate in 60 then I am Selecting export option. So you can Export this video like this.
  • I had said before that you can choose any Colour and use different Songs which are trending right now, so then only you will have a chance to increase your views and this video is also different so it also has a chance to get reach.
  • And at last what I am going to say is if I have made any Mistakes or your feedback about this video please say in Comments Section and those who viewed Fully also mention Full view in Comments Section and so I could know about this video and myself also.
  • Ok bye friends see you soon in next video , and hope you learned too once again bye friends…


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