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● Hi Hello friends welcome to our channel you are watching Ajith Tech official. I am your Ajith. Now what content we are going to see is how to create trending and viral streaming WhatsApp status in Instagram so see this video fully up to the end don’t skip the video so you may get an easy Idea on it and so I say don’t skip the video and recently uploaded videos are mostly based on alight motion application editing.




● To create a lyric WhatsApp status we know that basic step is to keep the lyrics lines of that song to be ready for editing.

● If you don’t know to take lyrics of that song open Google Chrome then search for that song and input lyrics in Tamil for Tamil lyrics or lyric in English to get English lyrics.

● I have taken lyrics in English.

● First I am opening KineMaster app.

● I am using KineMaster latest application,if you want to download this application I have given the link in description click and download it.

● I had shown before how to create lyric WhatsApp status using video as a sample but I am not using video right now.

● Here I am just using a photo to show how to create because while importing the video J have some copyright issue while playing it ,so I just importing a photo to show how to create this type of videos.

● Now touch plus(+) icon then select the aspect ratio here I have selected 1 is to 1(1:1 )ratio interface will be like this click on media option then click on image.

● I am importing an image because of some copyright issues I had said before.

● I had imported an image , select that image some options may appear click on pan and zoom option which is next to the scissors icon to crop that image to the aspect Ratio(1:1) Click the tick option on the top right of it,then I am extending the picture for 15 seconds.

● I hadn’t selected a video because of copyright issue it may claim on this so what I am using this(Image).

● Shall we see the next step.

● Select layer option and click effects option.

● Scroll the options like this.



● You can see basic effect click on it, select blur option and select first option of Blur effect,then zoom the image fully and select settings option.

● We can select the blur strength up to 20 but I am adjusting it to 5.I had kept blur effect strength as 5,then extending up to 14 seconds.

● if you want you can keep it for 30 seconds (while you are doing the whole video for 30 seconds).


● I kept it for 15seconds is just to show you.I am extending it for 14 seconds.

● Next step is to add song for this, if you are editing with image click on song icon and add the song you needed here I just added a song for this video.

● If you are creating this with any video there is no need of adding song,therefore song will come along with video.Here I am editing with image so I added song.

● Now song is added.

● Click on layer option,the text option will be fourth,click on it the the grocer will be blinking before we have taken the lyrics before now J shall copy the first line of the lyrics by long pressing and select the lines and select copy option.Then comeback to text the grocer will blink long press near to it then select paste option then give ok option.

● After giving paste option the lyrics will appear in the image as two line then click on(font) Aa symbol after clicking it, it may appear as Android Latin and other like options.

● But here I had added fonts in Latin and other option also.

● How to add fonts especially using APK editor app in this version what I am using that link is given download( link in description ) click and watch it.

● Now I select other option and a font used before I had edited.

● Now this text looks good.

● Now what we are doing is just adjust the text at side of the text we can see the rotate option I slightly rotated and kept the text slightly as crossed to have a stylish look, now I given centre position then I extended it up to 14 seconds till the end.

● Then I am muting the song because of some copyright issues.

● Now I am playing first line is finished up to this what can we do?so we need to cut it so select the first line what we had expanded give cut icon to split it correctly ,play it for second line see in which the second line ends and give cut icon to split ,then let the video for 30 seconds be splited in this way.

● After splitting, the next step is to select the text ,select keyboard option and we can remove the text and select next lyrics what we have selected before then select the lines of the lyrics by long pressing and I had come inside the KineMaster application, give long press and paste it.

●Here J am bringing it down and making that line as two.

● I made it as two lines after keeping next give effect to it sorry I should give the effect before but I had forgotten it now what we can do is select the text and go to effects and give in animation as fade and out animation as fade and select the next one and give fade like this for all ,if you give this effect and cut you will get all as same but I didn’t after I’m giving in animation as fade and out animation as fade for this video.

● Then next click on media option I had a black screen video I have given the link in description if you want you can download it and also I gave the links of materials I have used in this video.

● Now I input the black screen video scroll all the option you can see blending option, in blending give screen option.After giving we can see how it is right now? it is ok but adjust to a convinent size,if you see at the side, you can see the option to rotate and slightly adjust it.

● Now I slightly rotated and adjusted and zoomed it(image ) now I show you see how it is ,really super to see next what I do is this black screen video will come upto 12 Seconds sorry 10 seconds it will come, so what i do this click on the video at top left side we can see 3 dots click on it and add duplicate And adjust it for 30 seconds it will be nice now it has came to second line also now it is like that clearly corrected.

● How it was changed to Wave effect you may don’t know click on layer option then click on ripple option then I selected it, it may appear as Ripple now you see how it changes to Wave you can see now I show to you how wave effect comes to this
one line is select the effect at the end of that line select cut icon then select split option give this option for the following lines.

● Now I am playing the video see and say how the video is while playing the lines is super right and the effect changes as wave effect so it is different, if it is made with Alight motion application it will be super but I had made this with kinemaster in different way like this video you can Input and like this video you can Input and you can also create it.

● Now what I am doing is click on media and now I am adding one is to one (1:1) border I had given this in description as link if you want you can download it.

● After to the cut icon you can see split screen option click on it and extended till the end select second option Now it is splitted extend this till the end it is splitted correctly if you are adding videos to it you should adjust the colour of black screen scroll down and see the options you can see adjustment option select adjustment option, in this increase last two options if you adjusted the colour of the video then it looks superb to see.

● In last video I had used black screen video I imported it now select layer option then media option I saved my own black video in vllo application and I edited if you know to create template I had given a link in description tech isolate channel link he is my friend he had created video on this because many followers and subscribers asked about this in by commented comments and also in Instagram about this video if you want you can see it. and also check it.

● Now I imported it select split screen option which is next to the cut icon I selected it and I scrolled down you can see blending option click on it and select screen option after giving screen option we can see the effects will come one by one like one after the other it looks beautiful the release looks superb so you can create this like different videosso you can create this like different videos.



● I think if you like this video like and comment and Share feedback in comments those who saw the video up to the end comment full view that i shall know about it.

● Bye have a nice day meet you in next video and especially those who want to put any content of videos like this please don’t give your link in comment I had given my Instagram ID in description please message to me I will reply to you and DM what video do you need and it will be the next content of Me.

● Ok bye friends have a nice day meet you all in next video.



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