Lyrics Animation in PowerDirector


lyrics animation in powerdirector

Lyrics Animation in PowerDirector




Hi guys this is Ajith Tech official and we are going to see about how to make trending lyrics video for WhatsApp status.If you are seeing this video without subscribing my channel please subscribe by clicking the subscribe Button and click the bell icon and select all for instant update of my channel.




1. First of all we need to install powerdirector app link in description.
2. And select the video range about 16.9.
3. After that select an Empty layer and drag up to as we want.
4. After that we want to select audio for that layer by clicking the files icon,and add click click the Audio icon and select the song as u want.
5. And after that selecting the audio we want to create lyrics project I want to select option and click the default by app (use that default style).




6. After that we want to select the font style for that video. For adding font style I have done another video ,that will be posted and clearly explain in that video and it will be posted after this.
7. And after that we want to take lyrics of the song. so we have to open Google and search the song lyrics and copy the lyrics and paste in this text.
8. After copying lyrics we want to paste in the CyberLink powerdirector app.
9. In that eraise the default letter and paste your lyrics.
10. After that in every word the first letter will be in capital because, it seems looks better and attractive.





11. After that we need to adjust the lyrics as per the video size maximum we need to keep it centre.
12. After that we need to adjust lyrics letter according to the song lyrics.
13. And click the layer button and we can see the stickers icon click on that icon.
14. After that we need to download some stickers if you don’t want the default stickers, we want to select get more icon and download some stickers as your wish.
15. And we need to cut some stickers for more attractive lyrics.




16. After that we want to select other default line and do as it is which has done for first line of lyrics.
17. After that process cut the lyrics lines and paste the the lines of song and adjust stickers as per your wish.
18. After that we have to add some logo do your video for that we have to select layer icon and click on image and select the file which your image was saved.
19. And drag up to end of the video.
20. After that we want to save and produce the video by clicking the produce video icon and select 1080hd after clicking that option we can see the video was producing and being saved in your gallery.





21. After saving video we have to open kinemaster app (link in description) this is the latest version of kinemaster there was no problem about this app so we can easily download by clicking the link in description.
22. And we have to add texture to that edited video which has done in powerdirector app.
23. And select the background image as your wish in any colour, and add the video which was already stored in your files.
24. After adding the video in the background image colour, we need to select blending option and click on multiply icon.
25. Hey it seems that video was ready





26. This was the process and steps to follow to make a trending WhatsApp lyrical video.
27. One thing don’t forget to subscribe my channel


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