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Hi Hello friends welcome to our channel you are watching Ajith Tech official. I am your Ajith. Now what content we are going to see about how to edit video and photos using InShot application. YouTube video on inshot application. Do not skip this video full video.




Inshot APK, easy to create videos and photos user-friendly. Inshot Application is created by inshot company. It is available on Android mobile and IOS mobile. Specially create on mobile video editors. Easy to create video on inshot. Inshot APK is completely free. More wonderful effects and colourful animation stickers are included.


  • Create videos from photos.
  • Cut, split, compress and convert.
  • Split video.
  • Video output (1080p Full HD and 4K).
  • Rotate video 90°.
  • More filters.
  • Insert text, animations.
  • Increase video speed.
  • Add effects and colors.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast.
  • Compress video.
  • Create slow motion video.


Open InShot Pro Application

  1. Separated on Three category To Create New
    • Video Edit
    • Photo Edit
    • College Edit

InShot App 2020

  1. Select Your Option on Category,I will select on Video
  2. Click on New > Select Your Videos Or Photos ,I will Selected on Video . Video are Above 3 minutes Trim Option is appear.If easily to cut require minutes or second.Use Your Finger, Drag To Trim(cut) the Video.Touch Tick ✔️ Symbol.

InShot App 2020

  1. Next > Editing Tool on Below

InShot App 2020

  • Canvas
  • Music
  • Stickers
  • Text
  • Filter
  • Trim
  • Split
  • Delete
  • Background
  • Speed
  • Crop
  • Volume
  • Duplicate
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Freeze
  1. Meaning On Editing Tool
  • Canvas : Crop the video, resize the video ratio on recommend video. Easily to change video radio.Canvas Tool is used to change tha video ration size.
  • Music : Music Tool is Used To Add Custom Music Or song on our InShot app are required some music tracks and music effect.easily to add custom music on video.
  • Stickers : InShot App is already Added Sticker Package on application. If you also add custom stickers.

InShot App 2020

  • Text : Text Tool is used to adding an text on our video.easily to edit lycris videos.
  • Filter : 1.Fliter 2.Effects 3.Adjust

1.Fliter : More Filter Effects on Available on InShot application

2.Effects : Effect are also available on InShot application.

(Effects: Zoom,soul,shake,RGB, Noise……etc.)

3.Adjust: Adjust Tool is used to Adjusting the video brightness, contrest, wormth,

Saturation, highlight ,shadow etc……

  • Trim : trim tool is used to cut the video required minutes and second.
  • Splits : split tool is used to double cut the video on one click.
  • Delete: delete tool is used to delete selected video or image on one click to delete.
  • Background : background option is used to change the background colour and add custom images.
  • Speed: speed option is used to speed up the video and increase the image duration. Speed option used to create slow motion videos.

InShot App 2020

  • Crop: crop option is used to crop the image of videos in user required.
  • Volume: option is used to increase or decrease the video volume or sound.
  • Duplicate: duplicate option is used to image or video make duplicate. Copy the video same us as.
  • Rotate: rotate option is nothing but rotate the video or image on 90 degree. Easy to rotate the video images.
  • Flip: flip option is used to flip the video images.
  • Freeze: freeze option are freeze the selected area on the video.
  1. Save: save option appear on right side corner. Click the save option three different quality display 1080p, 720p, 640p and customise quality 4K videos.

InShot App 2020


Click on photo option

InShot App 2020

  • Our photo or images display on the screen select required edit image touch on ✔️ Symbol.
  • Editing tools below on the application new image editing tools appear.
  • Photo editing tools are:
    • Canvas
    • Adjust
    • Filter
    • Background
    • Crop
    • Template
    • Sticker
    • Rotate
    • Text
    • Frame
  • If you already about canvas, adjus,t background, crop ,sticker, rotate, text …this tools already explain above on video editing.
  • New tools are template and frames
    • Template: if you add template on your photo are images please install another application on play store.
    • Frame: frame option is used to set the frame or border on your photos are images.


InShot App 2020Click on college option

  • Select college on inshot app
  • Your stored photo and images display, choose 1-9 images to make collage. 9 photos only required on inshot college editing.

Collage editing editing tools are below:

  • Gallery
  • Layout
  • Border
  • Canvas
  • Filter
  • Background
  • Sticker
  • Text
  • Frame
  • Rotate


Already plane about border canvas filter background sticker frame rotate tools explain on page.

New editing tools for college edit

  • Gallery: gallery option is used to change college photos or add new photo show gallery option is appear on college editing tool.
  • Layout: tool is used to change the college layout. More more number of layout include on inshot Application.


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