How To Make Awesome Trending Lyrics Status Video In Kinemaster Editing Tutorial


  • Hi Hello friends welcome to our channel now you are watching ajith tech official I’m your Ajith today we are gonna to video which is shown in display The different trending lyrics whatsapp status So get on to Video before going to the video if you want subscribe our channel kindly subscribe it press the bell button on to get all notification update in the channel don’t skip the video watch till end. It will give you some idea So before that subscribe all know how to work with alight motion edit to install alight motion in laptop or PC there is a link in the description box that channel name is editing tamizhan one of my friend channel subscribe it and support it.
  • Let’s go into video so we are going to edit in kinemaster app I’m going to tell you slowly to how to edit it.




  • I opened kine master app kinemaster link in description box you can install it.
  • The Interface will be like this There a plus icon select that ‘t icon and select the aspect Ratio of the perfect as 16:9. Now I selected it. Now the screen appears like this media is shown on upper part go to media option now in going to select the black background Extended the me to 35 seconds Now I am gonna to add another layer to video . I’m getting back to media option to get the extract picture of the video which download and the link in the description box .I’m imported the extract picture of the video, Now Select the split screen next to Cut icon, select the second option in that icon Try to view the full song Video. of Dulquer Salmaan image. Expand is to 30 seconds, Select the layer and get back to the Media because in that video, car light got is on lighting like him, so i have an orange “png Image, scroll the option side select “Blending and screen in that option.
  • The Image link for in description box I going expanding this also to 35 second Movie image to the car light area click the ..” three dot option in Left side option Select the First option duplicate and it duplicated. Now I’m going to “overall animation click Flecker ar Blnk Slow.
  • Next, select the another image, Go to overall animation click the option pulse Now we can see see the light as like as on the video you can also duplicate the light and the plate it ” to the another’s side of the car But it’s can’t give heatness to the car so I skipped it now In previous video.
  • One video played on backgrounds now I’m gonna to click that song which I was download you can add any song video of dulkar Salman.
  • Now scroll the option you can get the crop option I’m cropping the black colour on the video it’s not necessary to put Dulquar Sharman Video due to the image of dulquer salmaan, I think its could be best. I’m gonna lightly sight the Video and scroll decrease the size to the size of mirror, Now I’m giving the click to send to back option Now the video plays fo minor behind Dulquer salmaan.
  • Now, the Video s likes dulquar sharma in sitting on the car and the Video is playing behind him. I’m editing with “animation option to view Dulquar on the screen. Move And Zoom to focus dulquar you all know animation in kinemaster You all asked me to do do this video with kinemaster. Now I edit Full video by the animation zooming + and only to focus Dulquar ‘ im cutted the video for 35 second now can see the video play behind the Dulquar.
  • Now, I’m selecting “layer” option and click “Text option” I’m already downloaded the text from website I’m going to Copy the text one by one. Now selecting first two word copy and go back to kinemaster and paste at Cursor Now selecting 12 fonts which style you want.
  • Now selecting sirikalam we change the font style if you want Now I’m moving the text to head of the car. I’m selecting lyrics and giving the animation you can Select any moving the text givinganimelion to Head d the car.
  • 1 seledking lyrics and Lyrical and giving In animation you can select any option you want now “i’m selecting pop with 05”. Fix it and I’m Playing the video now the first lyrics you can trim it.Select the second text you can add another text like wise you can edit like this method by one word lyrics you can also.
  • Add by long lyrics select the by copying it and add it at the head of Dulquar which makes the lyrics play’s behind him. Now going to select layer option and media I’m having Dulquar image and place it on the image of Dulquar Now I’m playing the video you can see the long lyrics behind him Below in description box all the Links are available you can edit in your style.
  • Now I’m going to the layer because I’m edited my going to photo in PicsArt sorry my logo so I’m going to import it Now adding the logo which is on watermark. I’m adding insta logo you can add youtube logo which is watermark I’m adding Instagram logo you can add YouTube you can add both logos. Now im giving layer options and selecting Media because im going to Import the template Template can rise the views and likes of your videos.
  • I’m giving cut icon and split screen Scroll it go to the blending option and 1 I’m giving Screen Now you can see the Arena Now you cam see the the screen. Now I’m duplicating it by Selecting” …” Three Dot option. I’m playing the video, you can see the snow falling effect. It makes video super, Now im going to clear the yellow shutdown the image Joining image. Now i’m clicking layer option. The color on the screen is high So I’m gonna to change it. Now I’m clicking the layer and media I’m going to select the layer layer and media, I’m going to select the photo and get them go to blending Option you can adjust it. Now I’m selected the photo “zoom it option you go to blending option and select multiply option now you can see the yellow shadow Zoomed it high if you like you can also delete it Now see the video, the image, lyrics know effect video behind him makes it superb. You can export the video by star icon on the interface.


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  • In description box, I’m giving to link to install in alight motion on pc.
  • Bye friends have a day. See you at next video.


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