How to editing new trending Instagram animation lyrics video in kinemaster


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•Today in this video we are going to see how to make new trending animation drawing lyrical video as whatsapp status by using kine master.

•Don’t skip the video due to that you can’t understand the tips and tricks which I am coming to say.

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•In this video how to edit the lyrics in kinemaster app using the updated version of this app.

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•Ok guys Let’s start the video.

•Go to kine master app.

•There is a default interface is available in the screen.

•Copy the song lyrics from chrome . I had been copied already . If you don’t know how to search of song lyrics . See my old video to known about of searching the song lyrics in network.

•If you known to type lyrics in tamil-english . There will the mistake so for easy work copy it from network.

•In the default screen click the Interface of plus (+) symbol. To create new project. Press 1:1 option.

•click media option to change the background .

•select the first option “Background” choose the white color.

•To change the colour which you have selected . Press colour option to change it.

•I use white and black colour for attractive.

•click layer option . Select text option.

•Paste the content which I have copied from internet.

•click OK and select double Aa option to change font.

•Select Latin option and select the font which you have been downloaded and imported to application.

•select colour option and click black colour .

•scroll down and disable the shadow option.

•Expand the text till the last of your video.

•Import song by clicking the audio option from in right side.

•absorb the duration where your lyrics

•select the portion and select the text and click cut option and select split option .

•Do the same till the last of your video.

•Before splitting the text . Select the text and give “IN ANIMATION” = fade and “OUT ANIMATION” also the same.

•Now do the same in screen of changing the text for everything.

•click layer option and select media option .

•The animation PNG has been given at description download it.

•add the PNG .

•cut the extra PNG by seeing the video.

•select the PNG and give “IN ANIMATION” something which you are interested my personal view was ‘wipe up’.

•select the PNG and take over the duplicate and rotate it and bring it to top of the page . As shown in screen.

•select another PNG from Pinterest by typing design PNG . And I bring it to right bottom.

•Do the same what we have done for the first text.

•Now I am doing the same which I have done for the same as the first text and second text.

•Now select he background and click the colour option and choose yellow colour . As you will been seeing the same as which you have been seen at first.


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