How To Create New Trending Instagram Logo & Watermarks

How To Create New Trending Instagram Logo & Watermarks



Hi Hello friends welcome to our channel you are watching Ajith Tech official. I am your Ajith. Now what content we are going to see about how to edit images, thumbnail using Pixel lab application. Do not skip this content.

Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is a one type photograph-editing app on Android, now available to download as an APK for your phone. Pixel Lab includes more features & designed your images. Easily to create Memes, YouTube Thumbnail, watermark, Logo All photo related Editing to edit on Pixel lab .User friendly Application.

How To use it:

Pixel Lab Interface ⬇️


  • More Option placed upper on the application.
  • Plus symbol ➕

Click the plus ➕ Symbol,Option is displayed.


Adding New Text On photos.

Current date

Date current date(toady date) on photos.


More sticker display on bottom, select required sticker.


More shape Available Like Circle, triangle, square etc……..

Form gallery

Load photo on our phone gallery.


Drawing on our selected photos . Touch to draw.

  • Save Option


Click save icon,two option can display.

Save as project

Save the project mean, save working Project on Application,if you any time customise our project.

Save as image

Save the image on our phone gallery.

  • Share Option


    • Quick Share

Share our Editing image or Photo on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Whatsapp, instagram,dropbox etc…….

    • Image format

Image Format ,Two Format To export our image 1.jpg 2.png.

    • Quality

Export Image Quality select the your quality on dropdown list box. Quality default, custom, low, medium, high, very high,ultra.

    • Export image

Save to gallery (Phone gallery).

  • Quotes Option


More default quote Available,

Two Languages

  • English
  • France

Category of quotes

  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Friendship
  • Happiness
  • Inspiration
  • Positivity
  • Absurd

Select our required category select quotes, insert on our images.

  • Three Dots


Use image from gallery

Load image form gallery (phone gallery) import our image for gallery.

Full screen

Editing project seen mobile full screen.

Use image from camera

Take photo on camera, After edit photo.

Export import

Save to gallery (Phone gallery).

Image size

Change image ratio, width and height.

Contact us/report bug

Any bug on app contact us.


Pixel lab online Tutorial.

Remove ads

Premium membership free(paid version).

Recover auto save

Recover auto save project or images.

Open plp file

Open saved project.


Details on Pixel lab.


Close pixel lab application.

  • Undo,Zoom,Adject & Layer



Previous edit.


Zoom in and zoom out required image of photos.


Adjust our images.


layer can be compared to a two or more images ,and placed over or under an image.


Bottom Editing Tools


  • First Option

My Project

Open saved project in Pixel lab.


Free & default Templates.

  • Text Editing Option ( A Symbol )

Click the A Symbol some editing tools display.



Some default text style display and select our required style.


Edit Option is used to Editing our text.


Delete button is used to Delete text.


Copy the selected text.

To front

Move the text on back and front.

To back

Move the text on front and back.


Adjusting your text position.

Relative position

This is also one type of adjusting our text position.


Adjust our font size decrease or increase.


Apply colour on text.


Option is used to apply our photo on text.


Adjusting your text opacity.


Rotate our text. X axis and y axis.


Font option is used to change font style. 100+ default font available on pixel lab. If you add additional font on pixel lab. Easily to add additional font. Font format is ttf ,otf.

How to add custom font in pixel lab

Click font option, three category can display font, my font, recent.


Default pixel lab fonts are display.

My font

Select T+ symbol or folder symbol, our phone storage can be display select your font for font folder and below on add button ,click add button the font or added in in our pixel lab app.


Recent category is display recently used font.

B Style

Change your font style on bold italic underline.


Change our font curve.


Set text background colour.


Change font alignment left, right, centre, justify.


Spacing option is used to adjust 1to1 letter spacing.

Line spacing

Change line spacing on paragraph text.


Apply on text outline. Is any colour to change.


Apply on our text shadow. Any colour to apply on shadow.

Inner shadow

Apply on our text inner shadow same as shadow.

3D rotate

Rotate our text in 3D.

3D Text

3D text usedSet on 3D style text.

3D shadow

3D shadow is used Apply on 3D shadow.


Option is used to Set text reflection.


  • Image Tool




Add sticker on our images, some default stickers are available in package some sticker paid version.


Import cover required images or PNG images on project.


Draw option is used to drawing our import picture.


Shape option is used to add required shape. Example : circle, square, triangles, rectangle etc…


This is also one type of drawing tool option.


Add you are required arrows. Left right up down etc…..

  • Background Edit Option

Easily to edit background colour text image etc…



Set our background colour. Different colours are available.


Transparent option is one type of background its use PNG images.

Image size

Change our image size or ratio, some default ratio for display if you can also show edit custom size.


Import background images cropping option.


Import our phone gallery for custom background images.

From gallery

Import images background images from our gallery.

From camera

If you take photo on our camera after import background image.

  • Adjust tool



Rotate our images.


Adjust to our image vignette.


Adjust image noise.


Option is used to adjusting our image stripes.


Decrease or increase our image brightness.


Change our image contrast.


Option is used to change our image saturation.




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