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  • Hi hello friends welcome to our channel. you are watching Ajith tech official. I am your Ajith. today in our channel we are going to see about how to make a different and trending lyric WhatsApp status for Instagram as you viewed in the display….
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  • Before i have uploaded 2 videos there was a very good response…and all were asking to upload the video based on alight motion app….this was the reason behind…
  • And i have given my Instagram id in the description….if there is anything queries you can ping me.. And if you want to send any video link plz dm to my Instagram id….don’t mention it in YouTube tube comment …i can only remove it but i won’t b able to open it…ok friends come lets move into the video….




  • The first step is to open alight motion app….don’t worry if u doesn’t have i gave given the link in the description u can download from it…The interference will appear so…There will a plus(+) option over there … I’m going to remove the title new project and i will enter the very first lyrics as title ….title is upto u…as ur wish…and press 1:1 ratio after all this press create option…..
  • The interface appears so…at the bottom of the screen there will be a plus symbol over there…click it and choose the option media….I’m going to import background image ….and the background images link which i use in video is given down in the description u can download it … press the image and click add option the image will be added …Press move and transform option and click 3rd option in it …adjust according to your comfort…I’m going to zoom it and expand it to 30 sec… seconds depends on u ….I’m expanding it to 30 seconds…
  • Select the imported images and press effects….click add effect….there will a inner blur effect over there press it… there will a adjusting option …you can adjust it…I’m adjusting it to slight blur….and even this blurring depends on u…
  • After this click plus option and press audio option and add any song to it…
  • After adding song, now we are going to add lyrics to it….press plus option and click text option…the font which i have used is given in the description if you need u can download it from there….select the font and font size and font colour…select a lyrics of a song for editing, to create like this WhatsApp status we need to select some melody songs you can select it from Google or else Google Chrome …I selected the lyrics of a melody song from Google Chrome. I already choose lyrics for editing .I copied in my clipboard.
  • Then press that lyrics nd adjust the size to 1000….this size would be perfect for this image….and expand it to 30 seconds… split this text according to the song…select the 2nd line and copy the lyrics from Google…even the 3rd line too and soon on….
  • After coping….click the first lyrical text and press effects option… getting into that option there will be various effects…we are going to see the blur option….under blur option, click precise box blur …..adjust the strength to 80 nd at the starting of the press the plus sign which is located towards left (plus option is known as animation key)…at end end of the text again click on the animation key and adjust the strength to 0….so that the text would be awesome….
  • Let’s add another effect to it…click on to add effect and select move and transform….under move and transform select auto shake…so that the lyrics would auto shake….let’s copy this effect and paste it to other lyrical text….left side of display there would be 3 dots….press it and select copy effect….that’s how we copy the effect….now let’s paste those effect….now select the 2nd text ,again select those 3 dots on the left bottom corner and click paste effect…and this is how we paste effects…..and paste all those effects on upcoming lyrical text….
  • Again let’s add another image to it…press the plus option nd click media option… select the image…the selected images is given in the description as PNG image if you want you can download it and use …expand it to 30 seconds…let’s move this image…press move and transform option and zoom that image…and adjust the angle to -170°…and zoom it according to ur convince….I’m zooming it to 1900… adjust that image so that it looks fabulous….now let’s use animation key….press the animation key at the very first starting of the lyrics….and move the png image according to the lyrics…bottom of the display there will be a mouse type option…move the png use that option… this is how we move the that the lyrics would be visible…and looks lovely too…
  • Many of them sent this kind of video and asked how to create it…and this is reply or them…that’s why I have uploaded this video…if u have any query or u need to know how videos are made you can ping me Instagram….send the link to Instagram account don’t type it in comments section….plz use the comments section to give your feedback and any queries…
  • Now I’m going to import my Instagram watermark from media…..if u doesn’t know how to create this water mark means comment it …sure i will upload a video regarding it …. minimise the size of watermark and expand it to 30 seconds…..
  • Now press the share icon at the top of the display and click export option…after exporting click save to gallery option and this is how the video is saved to the gallery….



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