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Haii Hello friends,Welcome to Ajith Tech Official.I’m your Ajith. Today we are going to watch a different, trending animation video tutorial using Kinemaster,as shown above. I’ll explain everything step by step, therefore don’t skip the video till end.


First step is to get the lyrics for the song.

Google provides all the lyrics,you may search as per your wish.

I have chosen the required lyrics in English and copied it. First we have to use Pixellab for text editing and Kinemaster for video editing.

We must copy the first line of our lyrics and open Pixellab pro version,for which the link is given in description.

The interface will show you ‘New Text’ which we have to change.

Click the ‘New Text’ and the remove the letters,leave a space and paste the copied lyrics and leave one more space at the end.

Capitalise the first letters of every word in the lyrics. Now we have to use the handwriting font for which the link is given in the description.

Now align the words to a single line and vary the colour by clicking ‘A’ first and colour option.

Now to change the font click ‘Ab’ in the bottom row which gives you a list of fonts. If not interested,you may choose your own font by clicking’My Fonts’.

To add a font, click add font icon in the top right corner of font notch and choose the font and click ‘Add To Directory’ in the bottom row of font notch.

You may choose the interested font. Align the text to the centre and to make it look bold,choose the bold option in the style folder given in the bottom row.

You may vary the thickness with the given scale. Enable the stroke of the text and reduce the thickness necessarily.

For perfect aligning,tap the grid icon on the upper panel and choose the magnet positioning icon given down.

Now we have to add the last word of the first line for which we have to click the plus icon on the upper left panel.

Choose the text option and paste the last word. Now we have to change the colour and font. We may use a different font and now align below the former text.

Now we can change the background to a transparent one by clicking the background icon below and choosing transparent option.

We have to save the image to gallery as PNG in ultra defined mode. Now we have to open Kinemaster app, for which the link is given in description.

Click the plus icon and choose 1:1 ratio. Now we have to import our background image for which the link is given in the description.

Expand the image for 30 seconds and click the Pan and Zoom option near the cut icon.

Zoom in the image upto screen size and click the equal symbol for fixed position.

Now we have to add the song by choosing audio option. Now choose the layer option and add the PNG image as prepared in Pixellab.

We have to create the images for 30 seconds song. Now we can fit the image for full screen using split screen option or through Pan and Zoom.

Now we must add the In animation and for this video I have added Wipe Right and Fade Out Animation.

Now we have to add the effects for other images too.

Then click layer option and add our rain droplet black screen video for which the link is given in the description.

Align the video using split screen option and blend the video to the screen.

Now again click the media option in layer slide and add another rain droplet video for which the link is given in the description.

Now align and blend the video as mentioned above. We may add our logo through layer option.

Now we have to export the video by clicking the share option. Choose QHD 1440p and 60fps and click export.

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