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Hi guys this ajith tech official and we are going to see about how to make unlimited fonts in tamil inshot.

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How to add unlimited fonts inshot in tamil.

In this video how to use trending fonts in the updated version.

Some many guys asked in instagram how to use fonts.

How to add and edit unlimited fonts in inshot.

For the budding editors not know to download add and extract fonts In this video the top icb which we understood.

how to download fonts ,add and extract fonts.

I this video ,the topic which we understood.

how to download fonts.

How to convert to Zip fonts to TTF fonts.

Unlimited fonts to download.

First step Turn in mobile data,

Go to Browser like chrome UC browser etc..

Type as da font search the first website there is lot of new fonts present there.

Press all new fonts.

Instead of going to other channels this is the easy way to download fonts lot of pages display if you want unique font to develop your image select anyone.

for eg : I press the font of ABRASION go to file manager local files device storage (internal) downloads scroll the screen it is downloaded as ZIP.

press long to decompress.

It requires some name to clarify eg: ajith tech It becomes TTF.

suppose some files become.

Otf press long to rename edit TTF.

TTF is added to all the types.

Open the insert app.

Use New In shot app as updated version in below the video the description the link is present so use it as for this purpose.

Create new displays press video new select any photo or video Go to text centre click AA font how to add to rs it comes I.

Alphabetical order file manager downloads it comes ajith tech TTF..

so add in the inshot video.



Thank you friends……


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