Alight Motion Editing Part 3 | Now viral and trending 3d animation text editing | how to make trending lyrics video


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● This video is collaboration here we bring Trending and viral content in instagram so don’t skip this video really use full to learn something new from us.

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● Ok,first you download the image from the browser I used and suggest for you pinterest app for your creative images download.

● Second step open picsart application and remove the background image from cutout option select person and remove the background.

● If you don’t know that use background remover website link description. You Uploaded the image than automatically background removed easily try that website guys.

● Third step open alight motion click the below plus icon select ratio I selected 1:1 ratio choose black background and important the download image and cutout image from media next image fit it full screen and add a text layer set aline,font,size and colour of the text.

● Click move & transform drag the text layer where u want I place it on head side. Click effect option, add effect and select text transform effect first adjust the phase add animation key at 0.00 and 1.00.

● Move phase starting animation at -1.00% and second animation key adjust phase -90.0% and select offset tab it X(-1) and Y(-2) and select angle adjust it -3.7°, Select scale -0.97 and move stretch 1.00.

● Move alpha at -1.000, Anchor (component), enable the colour option in Highlight colour, ease in 100% and ease out -100%, Overlap (500%), shape (square) Enable the random order (0.10) and add motion blur effect. Don’t adjust any thing in motion blur.

● After tap layer option and click duplicate layer.

● Remove the Effects from duplicate layer and copy the effect from original text layer paste to duplicate layer you understand this one yeah ok and than.

● Adjust the duplicate layer where you want and change the text ok well done.move down the text layer move the cut image above the text layer.

● Now you can see at life eye layers select all the layer make it group one now that lyrics are group one easily move it now 3d type howwww yeah let’s go tap the effect option add effect in 3d flip layer.

● No we add flip layer. Select angle option and add animation key at.

● 10 sec 20sec 30sec or 0.5 sec 0.10sec 0.15sec okay you finished this with 2mins in your text layer first you move the angle 18.0 next animation youn -18 .0 next animation key 18.0 next animation key at -18.0 yeah I do like that ok this angle option finished.

● And we adjust the image how go to the move & transform tap the zoom option adjust image fit in screen done.

● Now final step I add particulars that particles download links are in description please check out and download that particulars.

● I import this particulars first I add golden particulars ok make it fit screen.

● Tap the golden particulars layer select blending and opacity select lighten option and choose the screen effect I choose liner dodge now we add second particulars that is dust particles download link in description you used that particulars for this 3d images now import that image from media now adjust the dust layer from move & transform okay well done now you change the colour of dust layer go to blending add mask effect now it’s changed the colour.


● Decrease the opacity level 0.200 Yes that’s fine video is ready to export guys you really learn something new from others thanks for watching our videos don’t forget subscribe our channel and press Bell and visit Vibal Feathers Edits channel link in bio okay bye 😃👍🏻.


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