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  • Hi guys this is ajith tech official. Iam your ajith.
  • Today in this video how to make new trending animation drawing lyrical video as whatsapp status by using alight motion app.
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  • In this video how to edit the lyrics in alight motion app using the updated version of this app.
  • In instagram some members asked to share the alight motion Link in the description.
  • Like that some members personally made an comment to share the link.
  • So guys you watch the full video only it is able to understand.
  • It is simple process.
  • Concept is little bit riddle But of you make it as practice.
  • It becomes very easy as you like this edit your wish.
  • If you have any suggestions about any description link displayed in video.


  • Ok guys Let’s start the video.
  • Go to alight motion app.
  • There is a default interface is available in the screen.
  • In the default screen click the Interface it displays New project 3.
  • Just the erase the content Replace there is with the song’s first line. your wish.
  • That copy in clipboard.
  • Place the song’s first line as project name.
  • Given ratio 1:1 Resolution 1080p Frame rate as 60fpe , Background colour as black and click project Inthe created project the default interface is present there.
  • In interface click (+) symbol.
  • First Go to Image & video Second shapes.
  • Go to image & video.
  • Click view all In your gallery the audios and videos.
  • That you downloaded is there Then the import.
  • Image that we downloaded In the import image that we downloaded In the description link.
  • Image is there Go to link and get images click the images.
  • Comes to screen (+) symbol to make zoom.
  • Go to 4th option to move and tranfer.
  • 1st option is to move the image 2 nd option is to rotate 3rd option is to zoom.
  • Go to right side slide the screen.
  • It becomes Zoom.
  • We want to expand the video for duration to edit the video I make a sample of 30seconds to expand the video.
  • Next step is to add song (+) Give symbol to add audio.
  • Go to view all if you have any audio that is made as this process If you don’t have means ,image video view all we exported project made as imported one.
  • How to convert video into audio In the left side press the eye button it becomes hide press (+) symbol go to image videos view all import all PNG videos if you want to know about PNG videos.
  • I made a video about this concept in another video you know to use the PNG Videos to download.
  • I imported the image made move & transfer to scroll in the left side to minimize the video Then rotate the video to make as duration of just 15 seconds.
  • Next add (+) symbol.
  • Go to image & videos.
  • Any some additional images made as side view,Like the bats image.
  • The things which is used as tools is made in description link.
  • Kust go and use the tools Get download.
  • Then import the image.
  • Move & tranfer 3rd option Make left side scroll to minimize Then expand the videos for your seconds to made press (+) symbol.
  • Text & option to enter the text.
  • Eg; I love you
  • I made this text as the previous videos also.
  • Go to top press Robotic regular undercut In the above things is made as description a link.
  • Next to align the text and made 18pt to 20pt.
  • I use black colour and Give ok.
  • Next border and scan the image stroke is made as 0 Next made as duration 10second as expand Give Move & transfer Move the image If you want to reduce the size.
  • Make it as small otherwise No change is needed Made that supporting image (bat) comes closer to orginal im.
  • Text option to enter the text get the lyrics for the song select the lines of lyrics to made as to edit If yoy wish to change the lyrics.
  • I Other language Made the selected language as to edit I made it as.
  • English lyrics Then come to alight motion app comes tothe text bar to copy the text.
  • Made all letters as capital it becomes good.
  • Align button to press the image comes centre.
  • Go to Robotic regular.
  • Now you add fonts to press 3 dots to import right manner.
  • Go to effect opacity and visibility effect go to setting icon near shade icon Press the video it becomes exporting video.
  • And the required one is one.


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  • Thanks friends to all, i hope you, i explain this video as sure clearly. Make sure subscribers our channel and set the Bell icon as all. You will get all videos as instaly. Thanks for watching friends. Have a nice day. Love you my ajith tech official family. Ok bye friends….


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