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Hi Hello friends welcome to our channel you are watching Ajith Tech official. I am your Ajith. Now what content we are going to see about how to edit video using cyberlink Powerdirector application. YouTube video on Powerdirector application. Do not skip this video full video.


Powerdirector application is video editing mobile application. Powerdirector user-friendly and easily to to handle this application on video editors. More features and more effects are available in powerdirector. All advanced features available. Easy to identify tools and learn quickly. Quickly import photos and videos. Additional effects,transaction and text on videos or images. Chroma key option on available in powerdirector. Easily export video on your gallery export quality upto 4K. Easily to export video quality in 1080p To 4K.

Features on powerdirector

  • Import photos and videos.
  • Add music and audio track.
  • Effect , transaction adding on videos and photos.
  • Adding additional text.
  • Chroma key
  • Stickers
  • Animation stickers

How to edit video on powerdirector given below

  1. Open powerdirector application.
  2. Two option can be displayed.
  3. Select create a new project to start editing.

  1. Another dialogue boxes display. Type your project name and select ratio. Select the your required ratio on video editing. Three different size of ratio can be display (16:9,9:16,1:1). The three ratio can display select any ratio.

  1. I will select ratio 16:9, if you will select your required ratio.
  2. Next > directly display your media.Three category can be display .
    1. Video
    2. Image
    3. Audio
  3. Select editing video are images. I will add one video.
  4. And add your audio track or your music.
  5. Right side 4 option can display.
    1. Media
    2. Layer
    3. Undo
    4. Redo
        1. Media option is used to import videos ,image and audio tracks.
        2. Layar option is used to add photos videos and stickers on video.
        3. Undo change before after editing.
        4. Redo this also change before after before editing
  6. Select layer options can display for option.
    1. Text
    2. Image
    3. Video
    4. Sticker or animation
        1. Text select your required transaction for text animation. The text dialogue box insert on video.
  • Double tap to text box, erase the already typed text. Type you are required text or song lyrics.
  • And next show on bottom of application 3 option can be display.
      • Split
      • Title designer
      • Duplicate
    • Split option is used to double up the text.
    • Title designer option is used to change font style font colour alignment and add Shadow font border etc…

    • Duplicate option is used to duplicate the text.
        1. Image option is used to add the image upon the video. Easily to add photos or images adding on video.
        2. Videos option is used to adding the video upon the video. Inserted the video more editing option bottom of the application.More editing tools can be display on bottom.

  1. Split double up video.
  2. Volume increase or decrease video volume.
  3. Filter more video filter are inserted you choose required filter effect.
  4. Adjustment adjustment option is used to to increase or decrease video brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness etc…
  5. Opacity opacity is the change video brightness level.
  6. Fade option is used to add in fade and out fade on video.
  7. Blending more blending option for available select to a required blending option.
  8. Chroma key chroma key is an key option its background erase change background. Easily to erase green screen on video.
  9. Duplicate duplicate option is used to duplicate the video.
  10. Reverse option is used to reverse the video.
        1. Stickers and animation sticker option is used to add sticker in required video. More sticker animation aur available in powerdirector.

If you finish the video editing and easily to export on your gallery. Right side corner arrow mark symbol has been display click the symbol produce video dialogue box display.

Select save to your gallery or SD card option.

Select your required video resolution (ultra HD (4k), full HD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 360p) select your resolution.

And click produce button, few second or minutes video exporting is complete video is save your gallery.


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